Local spirit company plans to have product in NSLC soon

Published August 26, 2015
Written by:Amanda Jess // Evening News
Published by: The Evening News
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HILLSIDE – Wanted: a fisherman’s helper. Basic requirements: sober, alert, willing to learn.

These words on a notice posted to his door sprung Evan MacEachern into action, though maybe not in the intended way.

“I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and I thought, this is us. This is Nova Scotia,” he said. The job ad from a Ballantyne’s Cove fisherman inspired the branding for MacEachern’s new business venture, Nova Scotia Spirit Co.

He hasn’t found the fisherman yet, but when he does, he’s sure to get a bottle of rum.

Their white rum will be named Fisherman’s Helper (and hopefully will taste better than Fisherman’s Friend), expected to pop up in NSLC stores in the next few weeks. They’ll also be unveiling their Willing To Learn Gin and Blue Lobster Vodka.

MacEachern, partnering with two distillers from British Columbia, has started bottling in a small building off Pictou Landing Road, with plans to expand including adding a tasting room and collaborating with local producers in order to infuse their spirits with things like espresso and fruit.

MacEachern comes from a background in hospitality, having managed The Stubborn Goat in Halifax, but wanted to venture into a different aspect of the industry.

MacEachern has always been interested in alcohol production, experimenting with a home beer kit before he was even 19.

Though he believes there’s still more room for craft brewers, he thinks there’s even more for small-batch distillers.

“I think that the fads, the trends will start changing towards craft spirits. Everything is becoming intensely focused about small batch, craft, local, artisan and the products that jump on that train will constantly change and evolve, but I think that it was a perfect time to jump on and start developing spirits and it was something that I was always passionate about anyway.”